After their successful first collaboration for A Pole Tragedy, performer Sofie Kramer and sound artist Mári Mákó reunited to create a new pole-dancing piece: Monolith. During a residency at Instrument Inventors Initiative they developed a new pole-dancing instrument, exploring technical innovation and sensory experience though the means of sound and movement. In this ecstatic pole dancing trip the pole becomes a sacred object, a gate to a different world where ancient wisdom lies, a forgotten wisdom that hides inside the body. They resurrect the energy of this metallic agent, seeing the pole as a ritualist object that provokes a spiritual experience, while at the same time playing with the cliches of pole dancing and the expectations of the audience. Through interaction between the dancer and the pole, supported by bright white light and futuristic electronic sounds, the audience is left with a hybrid atmosphere between now and tomorrow. 

Concept: Sofie Kramer & Mári Mákó
Composition and instrument development: Mári Mákó
Choreography and dance: Sofie Kramer 
Made with support of: Instrument Inventors Initiative 
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