A cross-over between a punk-concert and a dance performance. After the famous fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson. Inspired by feminist punk tradition, with Nina Hagen as main inspiration, we created a performance in which the mermaid symbolized the silenced woman who wants to scream. In an eclectic concert, combining punk music with elements of classical music and mime, the voice of the mermaid gets liberated. 
Director: Sofie Kramer
Text: Judith Herzberg
Performance: Nick Garcia, Romy Moons, Hélène Vrijdag, David Westera
Composition: Nick Garcia, Sofie Kramer, Romy Moons, David Westera
Light- and sounddesign: Anthony van Gog
Director's assistant: Cinzia Scoglionero
Coaching: Liesbeth Coltof
Thanks to: Sander Ruijters, Marley Lemmens en Marc Zwietink
22 maart 2018 @ Toneelacademie Maastricht
23 maart 2018 @ Toneelacademie Maastricht
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